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There is a huge need in B2B healthcare marketing to reach specific targeted markets in the medical sectors to promote goods and close more deals. To market your goods and services well, you need to know the 5 P’s: product, price, promotion, place, and people. Knowing these 5 things will make your search easier and help you talk to people who are really interested in buying your products.

When it comes to marketing medical prospects in B2B areas, it’s somewhat like a tug of war. It’s easy to assume that marketing for the medical field is as easy and identical as advertising for any other industry. But no, it’s not. You need a special set of skills because you’re dealing with health executives, who are all experienced medical professionals in their own fields. So, your marketing plans will be different from those used in other businesses. 

This blog articles explains on what is the marketing mix is and how can it help you grow your healthcare business:

What exactly is B2B healthcare marketing?

The term B2B healthcare marketing refers to the process of creating, communicating & offering the medical products & offerings to clinical institutions, centers & hospitals. It enables hospitals, medical laboratories & professionals to choose specific equipment, machinery, devices, tools, drugs, medications & even medical practitioners. 

No matter how hard you try, if you are not familiar with the five Ps of healthcare marketing, you should probably double-check the details. The 5 Ps of medical marketing ought to make up the first page of your marketing notepad.

The 5 P’s of healthcare marketing are:

  1. Product: 

When we talk about products, we might refer to everything you have to offer your clientele. Depending on its benefit and demand, it could be tangible or intangible. The first step in reaching out to your targeted prospects and clients is to have a defined product and selling point. 

We provide a targeted addressable market platform that allows you to successfully reach the relevant market. By applying it, the marketer can communicate with intent buyers through the appropriate marketing channel to promote products and offerings to improve optimal patient care services. 

  1. Price: 

This is a transparent term. Whatever price method you employ for your clinical products, it must be visible. The pricing is very important in defining the product, the price should justify the characteristics and properties of the product. 

When trying to market to the C-suites and experienced practitioners who have years of expertise using what you’re giving, you need to be a little more informed about the items you’re advertising in order to persuade these key thought leaders. Whether it’s a discount or a coupon, you should be aware of the terms and restrictions that will apply.

  1. Promotion: 

 Advertising and sponsorships, both offline and online, are covered under this heading. However, the most important factor to consider is the breakeven analysis. Because medical practitioners rarely have time to read promotional mail, reaching them via omni-channel can be tough. 

However, by utilizing leads from a reputable B2B database provider such as FountMedia, you may network with targeted prospects via multi-channel marketing campaigns. This will make it easier to nurture the products and enhance lead volumes. 

  1. Place:

This subject involves all areas where medical products are purchased or sold. Even though many online platforms now provide services and products, understanding where the things are sold can be quite advantageous.

The usage of online advertisements to a specific location to offer products to the suitable audience persona can be a successful method. These can be accomplished by utilizing a geo-targeted doctors email list that is limited to specific regions and can be useful in reaching these prominent doctors, physicians, surgeons and other medical practitioners.

  1. People: 

It is critical to identify who you are marketing to before advertising your products and services. and what kind of items do they require? This is general information that you should have when selling your products to the relevant market.

By leveraging the well-segmented healthcare mailing list, you may customize your promotional mail by region, industry type, practice size, specialization, SIC/NAICS code, revenue, and much more. This level of segmentation can assist you in reaching out to focused intent purchasers and closing more deals. 

Shift to second dimension – Why do you need to know the 5 Ps?

  1. Knowing your Intent Buyers

When you have a clear-cut idea of what you will present in the market or what your company shall represent, you have greater chances of knowing and finding better clients for your business.

  1. Where your business stands

If you have explored the right pricing strategy, you can have a straightforward idea of how your healthcare marketing product shall function in business positions. Additionally, an attractive pricing structure can help you attract the perfect clients.

  1. Understanding the customer value

If you have a fixed budget, it is essential to evaluate how the customers will react to the products and services. When you conduct a breakeven analysis, it becomes easier for you to evaluate whether the marketing promotional methods would work or not.

  1. Checking on usability and accessibility

Even if you are a B2B healthcare business owner, when you have an idea about the area where you will sell, you can gain the upper hand over the B2B market. Additionally, you can check the usability of your product and how your prospects will access it.

  1. Arranging work staff

To represent your products and services in front of clients. You need to select adequate work staff. Blindly, hiring anyone might be detrimental to your business.


The 5 Ps of healthcare marketing—product, price, promotion, place, and people—are important if you want to reach the right buyers in the market for drugs. By learning these 5 Ps, service providers can easily contact the people they want to, even if they don’t have time and resources to spend on marketing. When you understand the 5 Ps, you can also find out who your likely buyers are, where your business stands in the market, how valuable your customers are, how useful your products are, and what your staff needs to do to become the face of your brand.

Also, since you know how the market operates, such as the marketing mix, you can easily take over the market in a short amount of time by building a B2B healthcare client database or acquiring it from one of the leading healthcare database firms like FountMedia. Many B2B owners have experienced tangible results from buying contact lists from the company. As the healthcare leads are sourced from real sources, we offer you the most accurate, laser-focused, latest data for your sales and marketing endeavors.