Fountmedia Privacy Policy ensures confidentiality, safety and accuracy of our clients’s personal information, whether gathered on this site or from any other means of communication. Any information given to us is never shared with third parties. We understand the importance of personal information security.

Client Confidentiality

The CLIENT Records, the Email Addresses, the Matched Records and all other information (collectively, the “Confidential Information”) submitted by CLIENT to us remain confidential and we do not retain or integrate the confidential information into our own databases nor we share with any third party. Client acknowledges that Fount Mediamay disclose the in-house file to its employees, contractors and agents as required for use. Such disclosure and use of the in-house file is only in connection with email append services performed hereunder.

Use of personally identifiable information

We keep all the information pertaining to our customers, and our client’s customers, private and never sell, rent or lease information to others. We only use personal information in a way that is fair and consistent with the reason the recipient supplied us. When FountMedia, on behalf of its clients, collects personally identifiable information from opt-in participants in those clients’ marketing programs, such information belongs to those respective clients and is subject to their policies on sharing of the end user information. To correct or update personally identifiable information stored by FountMedia, customers may send an email to request a copy of the file with information on them and then email back the desired changes. Fount Mediautilizes the industry’s leading data security solutions and has implemented policies and procedures to ensure the physical and electronic security of data stored by FountMedia.

Email Policy

We only send emails to a client’s customer, or to a client’s prospect where they have requested similar information in advance (opted in). We do not send “Spam” or unsolicited email where the recipient has no pre-existing business relationship with the sender. We always explain why a recipient is receiving an email. We always give any recipient reasonable opportunity to opt out of receiving future e-mails. We support domain level remove, where a recipient acting on behalf of a domain (normally the domain administrator) requests that no further email are sent to that domain. We do not use “cookies” or place text files in a recipient’s hard drive. Fount Mediawelcomes your questions, comments and concerns about privacy. Please send your feedback on this or other issues to

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the information being sold, we unfortunately cannot accept returns of lists or reports once they have been delivered/downloaded It is a final sale and non-refundable. We cannot and do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or currentness of the information available through this service.

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