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Target your Niche Specific Markets with Qualified Data

Amplify your Sales Volume with our Data Quality

We build our database with high data quality and the help of our industry professionals. The data provided by you defines your company. If the data has all the features, namely, validity, consistency, accuracy, completeness, and availability, then the data is of high quality. If your company data has all the above quality details, it can fulfill all your company requirements. Use our top quality data for your business and build your business strategy to meet all your targets.

Using our data quality you can perform well in this highly competitive market. Improving email data quality is very important for every organization as it can help in boosting your customer growth. Make sure to keep the initial customer sign-up form short and simple. No customer would want to reveal every personal detail in the first go. Our contact list with super data quality has helped many SMBs and big multi-dollar corporations to reach certain heights.

Improve your Lead Quality with Clean & Verified Data

When you’ve poor data quality it becomes difficult for departments of your organization to serve its intended purpose. By keeping the email list segmented you can avoid mistakes while targeting your specific markets. Finally, cleaning up the old email addresses of customers and updating them to their changed emails will help you maintain high quality lists. Our data quality mailing list is created by using genuine and trusted sources to give you an error-free experience.

Similarly, companies can send direct mail to their intent buyers by using our high mailing data quality. By using the clean and verified contacts it is easy to customize your promotional mail and enhance your lead nurturing process. This is not only time-saving but also very cost-effective, customer satisfactory, and can help you gain many market opportunities.

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    Our Services

    1. Data Cleansing: The data is cleaned by eliminating error & inaccurate contacts by expert team
    2. Data Verification: The cleansed data is then verified using proprietary software
    3. Deduplication: Contacts are matched with master datasets to eliminate clones, duplicates
    4. Data Enrichment: The existing B2B database is enriched updated & latest contact information
    5. List Segmentation: The list is segmented based on location, demographics, and behaviors etc
    6. Legal Compliance: Ensures B2B data complies with GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM standards
    Why Choose Our Quality Email List?

    The quality email list we offer is created after a two-step verification. All the data of our big data users mailing list are firstly verified by AI-based algorithms and then, by a team of technical experts who manually verifies your prospects details.

    Here Are the Few Benefits of Using Our B2B Data Quality:

    1. Reach intent buyers with high buying signals
    2. Improved data accuracy by up to 92%
    3. Latest database updated for every 45 – 60 days
    4. Data compliance to reduce spam rate
    5. Boost conversion rates faster than ever
    6. Increase sales and reap huge ROI

    As a leading B2B database provider FountMedia specializes in supplying various email lists. Whether you are looking at email lists for healthcare, business or technology. We offer you based on your business needs. Our data experts can help you resolve all your queries and prepare a customized set of databases depending on your business. You can take your business to new heights using our databases. We include 100% genuine names and contacts chosen by our lead experts after in-depth research and scrutinizing credible resources. We have many clients who have opined that they were pretty relieved after purchasing and integrating our databases in their existing marketing and sales campaigns. Almost 90% of our B2B clients found their targeted audiences and converted them to qualified sales. Our email lists are data-driven that give you complete insights. We believe in maintaining a positive business relationship with our clients by providing them with the databases they are looking for!

    Do You Replace the Contacts, Incase of Hard Bounce?

    Yes, we do replace the contact database without charging additionally if more than 10% of hard bounce.

    How Do You Manage Our Company's Data?

    The most recent technology and management capabilities to improve the flexibility, performance, and accuracy of your entire enterprise data.

    How Does FountMedia Work for Data Quality?

    A dedicated team of professionals, at FountMedia, provides top-notch database and data management services by credible sourcing, segmenting, validating and compiling into a complete authorized file for your marketing efforts

    Can I Customize the Database for Marketing Needs?

    Yes, you can customize your B2B business data lists, based on your business or marketing requirements

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