Fax Appending

Fax Marketing Enhances Business Group, Our Fax Appending Services Can Help You Find New Customers For Your Company.

Improve Your Fax Numbers Quality With Fax Appending Services

Fax has been around for 50 years, and the Xerox Corporation introduced the first modern fax machine. Fax is a tool that allows two parties to communicate in real-time without delaying the process or requiring additional investment. Our Fax Appending Service has helped many businesses to grow a steady growth.

Through its appropriate Business Fax Appending services, a reliable data append partner helps to condition a fax marketing strategy. Our Fax Appends Email List is 100% human-verified. Email data groups provide appended fax numbers to assist you in smoothly rolling out direct campaigns via fax. We verify and re-verify our Business Fax Appending Services before handing it over to you.

Fax Appending service for highly deliverable business fax numbers. At Email Data Group, we update your database with missing fax numbers by matching every record’s contact name and address with our in-house B2B database. Using our Data Appending you can reach out to the maximum targeted audience.

Marketers can instantly send messages to the correct prospects or customers using our pre-verified fax data without relying on other platforms or services. Our business Fax Append services are kept up to date by conducting an annual survey of each location to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information. Our Fax Appending Mailing List is very easy to access and work with.

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    Use of FountMedia Business Email Addresses :

    1. Build your brand image
    2. Connects you with other business with single click
    3. Strengthen your prospects and gain their trust
    4. Target key decision makers
    5. Increase in sales and high ROI
    6. Pay only for accurate email addresses
    7. Create new sales leads and gain a better understanding of your target market.

    Why Fountmedia For Your Business Mailing List Needs?

    Fax Appending is collated after a two-step verification. All the data of our business professional email lists are firstly verified by AI based algorithms and then, by a team of technical experts who manually verifies your prospects details.

    Here are the few factors :
    • Our data is above 92% accurate.
    • We cleanse our data for every 45 – 60 days
    • Replacement of data if more that 10% of hard bounce.
    • The most recent technology and management capabilities to improve the flexibility, performance, and accuracy of your entire enterprise data.
    • A dedicated team of professionals provides complete marketing strategies, including design, planning, campaign execution, and marketing data management.
    Can we get few samples Fax Appending ?

    Absolutely. To obtain a specific collection of sample data, contact our support team.

    Will you replace the contacts if there are any hard bounces?

    Yes, we agree. If there is a hard bounce of more than 10%, we shall replace contacts at no extra cost.

    Do you have a support team?

    Yes, you’ll be assigned a account manager who will handle both your list and your inquiries.

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