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I hate to break this to you – but your email database will become outdated after some days.

Does this statement hurt you? Wondering what to do?

Well, the happy news is – you do not have to worry much. Why?

Well, I have listed few handpicked tips that you can use to grow your B2B email lists in just no time:

1. Draft a unique content

Content has its special place!

You cannot expect people to read the same boring typical content over and over again. Try telling stories when you send out emails to your clients whether new or existing. Research says that people prefer reading stories rather than reading out promotional materials.

2. Apply email segmentation

Use segmentation strategies and send out an email accordingly. The best way to do this is by distinguishing between the various buyer personas and their choices. When you create segmented emails, there are 760% chances of gaining profit and enhancing your email list.

3. Integrate social media strategies

Whenever you email your clients, make sure to spread the word by using various social media strategies.

4. Spam your clients – a big no

Never spam your clients! Follow a routine either weekly or bi-weekly to mail out to leads and clients so that you do not land up in their spam folders.

5. Look for mailing out the right leads

Let us say you are a B2B company and you approach an end-user who is a consumer of a b2c company. Would your email create an impact? No! It won’t

To build an effective clientele email list. You need to look out for proper leads. One of the best ways to build a lead database is by choosing a leading B2B database provider like Fountmedia. It has a history of 100% satisfied clients. You can try converting these leads into subscribers.

6. Opt for a new lead generation offer

You can offer special discounts and promotions for new leads! You can do it by embedding special coupon codes in your emails or creating a first-time discount.

7. Motivate your existing clients

Adding a personal touch to every email that you send. A personified and well-addressed email has a better response rate in comparison to lists that do have a neutral tone.

8. Video and Gifs –an Addon

Imagine you are stressed at work and all of a sudden you come across a bunny dancing on your screen when you open your mailbox.

How do you feel?

Stress-free, at least for the moment I guess.

Well, the best way to draw the attention of your clients is by adding videos and gifs that can lure your viewers to browse through your email.

9. Highlight the call to action tab

Adding a CTA button can cause your leads or clients to end up on your landing page. It will become easier to gain new customers quickly.

10. Say yes to feedback

Be open to client feedback!

Attach a feedback form when you send out emails. Make sure to work on the feedback when you receive them. This will improve your brand image and health as well.

11. Utilize headers and images

Using headers and emails can highlight the content you are portraying across your email. Your email becomes eye-catching and readers develop an interest.

12. Choose a partner website

Have you ever noticed one website advertising another?

These are partner websites that act as a third party in promoting your content and help you gain subscribers. You may choose as many partnering websites you want to depend on your B2B niche.

13. Host timely events or webinars

Webinars and online business events are the perfect platforms for you to display and talk about your B2B industry and the types of clients you are catering for! When people register for these events, you have the opportunity to come across their emails and mobile numbers.

14. Use pop-ups and surveys

When you use pop-up buttons or conduct surveys, there is a chance of analyzing the customer choices based on what they choose. Additionally, there are also chances of gaining their email Ids when they choose to opt for a regular subscription.

15. Keep a check over the bounce rates

Bounce rates can allow you to know more about how clients are responding to your emails. Let us just say that you have 50 clients to whom you have sent an email. Out of those, 10 clients do not respond or you have no clue as to whether they have read your email or not, you need to stop wasting your emails on the right!

The bounce rate parameter will help you filter out the data so that you can find new means of reaching out to readers and deleting the ones who aren’t responding positively.

The points written above are ways that you need to implement in your B2B business to increase your email lists and gain more leads. The best way is to follow the hit and trial method to know which strategy works best for your B2B hustle.