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Gary M. Carrillo

FountMedia has always delivered thoroughly verified data. The database goes through a two-step verification process, first by AI algorithms and the data analyst’s team. Their technology is all new and, hence, very accurate. I recommend the FountMedia Salesforce email list to people looking for accessible data.

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Florence D. Hernandez

Used FountMedia databases a few times and is worthwhile. They have helped us in enhancing our business to a more significant instant.

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Helen J. Goad

The FountMedia team is very professional and patient; they cleared all our queries and explained what kind of database is helpful straightforwardly. Even after the delivery, they assist if there are any doubts.

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Sheila A. Carrasco

FountMedia was of great help; they have a very well-segmented mailing list. They even customized them based on our requirements. It is also cost-effective to purchase, and there is no need to spend a wholesome amount. Overall we have had a good experience and will use their services again.

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Caroline J. Doty

The customer service provided by FountMedia is high-speed, and they follow up on our requests quickly and get the work done. The Salesforce email list was beneficial to contact the b2b clients and improve our business, and I highly recommend using FountMedia email lists.

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Marjorie H. Archer

We are impressed by the quality of the data furnished by FountMedia. They are very productive; we could see a significant rise in our conversion and brand awareness; we reached people worldwide.

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Yvonne M. Patterson

The best part of FountMedia is that they are very friendly and helpful; they listen to all your questions and help you assemble verified data, resulting in high ROI. They followed up frequently to check our needs.

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Cynthia D. Noel

We have previously worked with FountMedia, and they have been very helpful in assisting us in choosing a valuable database. They are very reliable and help run our business at full speed. We look forward to working with them.

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Darrell S. Moore

We are new to purchasing email lists, and FountMedia has assisted us in every step and cleared all our doubts. Using the Salesforce email list, we have seen a significant change in conversion rate, sales, and ROI.

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Christine J. Allen

The customer service provided by FountMedia was excellent; they were very cooperative and quick in answering our questions. It is worth buying and implementing them in the campaigns as they gave us good results.

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Juan J. Peppers

The price is reasonable and expensive; even small businesses can purchase and utilize them. FountMedia has helped us improve our brand presence worldwide and given us excellent results.

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Janet K. Campbell

If you are looking for the top database providers, FountMedia databases have the highest accuracy and are responsive. They assisted us in enhancing our conversion rate by reaching a large number of people by using multi marketing channels.

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Shara E. Williams

We were looking for reliable solid data that could help improve our marketing campaigns efficiently. One of our friends recommended FountMedia, and they have been very beneficial. The money spent on purchasing did not waste; they even provided us with the personalized Salesforce email list.

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Jannette A. Field

The authenticity of the database furnished by FountMedia is high while enabling us to reach as many people as possible. Deliverability is of elevated rate, and the customer support provided by them is quick and are helpful.

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Janice R. Bivens

They provide a customized database with the information segmented in an orderly format. FountMedia understood all our requirements and compiled them accordingly; they assisted us till the end.

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