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Business Mailing List Makes It Easy For Marketers To Send Messages To Their Best Clients and Potential Customers. Run Your Marketing Campaign With The Right Insights.

Improved Data Accuracy For Smart Marketing: Get CEO, CFO, CSO E-mail List

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The Business Mailing List contains contact names, job titles, sales, geography, years of working, postal address, company address, and much more. Our Business Email Lists have helped many businesses to grow a steady growth. The database in our Companies Email Address List is highly authentic and unique.

Business owners can select their business mailing lists based on various criteria. For instance, you can select your business mailing list based on the Geographic area, such as by country, state, zip code, metropolitan area, radius, longitude, latitude, blocks, or districts. You can also choose your business mailing list based on the type of business, or you can even combine several businesses to form one mailing list. Our B2B Email Lists are created by professionals to give you an error-free experience. We verify and re-verify our Business Mailing List before handing it over to you.

  • Over 37 Million verified Contacts with emails.
  • Updated real-time and sourced by our team of 200+ data specialists.
  • 15 Data Points offered for each record Including Email.
  • Priced Well Below industry with no additional contact or usage fee.

The business mailing list is a database that contains credit reports from your business, financial reports, professional business directory, legal filings, public business directory, customized list of business compilations and telemarketing surveys. The database is well researched, up-to-date and verified properly. It guarantees accurate data and 100% deliverability.

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    For more than six years, FountMedia has reliably provided top-notch data services, aiding global enterprises in strengthening their brands, generating leads, and increasing sales. Our business email list targets key decision-makers, executives, and managers across various industries. Our dedicated data professionals meticulously verify and segment our database by location, business size, zip code, sales count, industry codes, and annual income.

    This detailed segmentation allows easy customization of promotional content tailored to your specific products and offerings. We source data for our B2B email list from reliable sources such as public records, business directories, industry repositories, social media, webinars, online platforms, and opt-in forms. Stringent verification processes ensure compliance with data security regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and SMTP, reducing inaccuracies in your promotional campaigns.

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    Technology Email List | FountMedia

    Technology Users List

    Fountmedia offers over 200+ category selects that will enable you to target your business audience with a degree of exactitude that will improve your response ROI rates, increase sales opportunities market, and lower the cost of your marketing. Our Company Emails List are 100% human-verified.

    • Premium-quality Technology Users list
    • We Bring You the Best US & UK Technology Users List
    • IThe Key to Effective Targeting and Enhanced Deliverability.
    email marketing - what is it?.

    Email Marketing

    Discover how our industry-leading Business Contact List works to keep your emails out of the spam folder. When clients conduct an email marketing campaign with Email, each is provided with a committed Operation Coordinator who uses their professional knowledge to guide Email. Our Email Companies List provides you with 100% accurate data.

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    • Quality email Lists = Quality leads.
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    What method are you using to collect data for your database?

    Our experts collect information for our database from a variety of reliable sources. It includes information gathered from online, offline, government, and non-government sources. Our data comes not only from legal sources, but also from leads who have given their permission.

    Can I tailor the information to my specific requirements?

    All of them Our database is tailored to our customers’ and their businesses’ specific requirements and needs. We ensure that the database we provide is not only precise, dependable, and responsive in personalised campaigns.

    How am I benefiting from your services?

    An accurate database can help you increase your sales. An up-to-date, checked, and secured contact database can help you run effective ABM campaigns, drip campaigns, and multichannel marketing campaigns while reaching your ideal market and audience. This improves your business naturally and can be extremely beneficial to salespeople, marketers, and recruiters.

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