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Around 1.13 trillion U.S. dollars was the turnover for the year 2020. Shocking, isn’t it?

Well, honestly, you don’t need to be because this is just the approx. Figure that was predicted five years ago by experts in the Forrester report. The reason behind these vast sales is that most of the B2B businesses went digital.

With the COVID onset, it became almost impossible to operate offline or in stores due to associated risks related to lives.

Whether you are a B2B marketer or researcher. Here are some B2B trends that you must know before lifting your pen to start your job:

1. Colossal Brand personalization

Almost 70% of the B2B industry is involved in humanizing and personalizing their brand. The reason behind this is to woo their clients into believing that the brand shall satisfy all the requirements within a concise period.

2. Brilliant content strategies

Since most of the B2B businesses went online, almost every company was busy coming up with a new yet unique content strategy. Most of the content is spiced up with emotions. The content which has an emotional appeal works well in comparison to the ones which do not. The clients tend to be more inclined and develop an interest in reading emotional content and stories.

3. Speedy deployment

Compared to b2c, the B2B clients have a top priority for the speedy deployment of products. Every B2B company has made it a point to start deploying their orders as soon as the payment is done. The reason for the same is – Immense competition in the same field. The best example for speedy deployment is amazon which offers delivery in few hours. However, a handful of companies are still working towards creating the fastest deployment time. Tough competition, though!

4. Complete ROI analysis

Since most businesses are online, it’s easier for the rest of the B2B companies to do an in-depth analysis of ROI. The basic idea behind researching, developing and increasing ROI is to re-create their marketing strategies and customer approaches. marketers choose the sales strategy which assists with the Increase in ROI

5. Quick brand follower increasing techniques

There is no point in marketing online if there are no brand followers. One of the primary B2B trends is that marketers of this industry tend to increase their brand followers by creating brand awareness. Half of the industry transforms their existing clients into brand followers while the rest half B2B marketing industry spend time finding new prospects or leads who could become their followers and in a later stage a customer.

6. Videos, gifs – the new soldiers

Rather than traditional marketing, using product and services videos and gifs is one of the most noticed B2B trends rather than writing boring product descriptions.

7. Ads and campaigns

The trend of Running creative ad campaigns and coming up with new pop-ups across websites has successfully captured the market. People tend to click on these paid ads more in comparison to clicking on traditional websites.

8. The magic of voice search

Have you heard about Alexa and Siri? Yes, these are your virtual voice assistants with whom you can talk and search for anything across the internet. This trend has undoubtedly taken over the traditional browsing method where a person had to type everything for searching things on the internet.

9. Email marketing – next level increase

The email marketing technique has boomed since the onset of covid-19.
Email marketing has helped the B2B businesses to gain their lost customers and re-engage them once more towards the new marketing evolution. Hence, a significant amount of marketers have been using email marketing to accomplish a considerable click-through rate. The logic is simple – the more click-through rates, the more leads your businesses will have.

10. The increase in demand for B2B leads to suppliers

98% of marketers opt for choosing a certified B2B leads supplier. The reason behind this choice is to save time and effort. It becomes more accessible for marketers to pitch their services and products to prospects directly. Even though there are immeasurable lead suppliers, reaching out to the right one is very important. U.S. Experts recommend the marketers reach out to Fountmedia – the key B2B data supplier. Clients have great reviews about this company, and I have never heard any bad reviews so far about it.

Key takeaway

B2B commerce trends have soared up new heights and given birth to new ideas and business tricks. For a business to succeed, it is indispensable for the B2B marketers to understand these trends. Every year the B2B commerce trend evolves, so does this B2B industry. Being a trader, you need to evolve your marketing strategies based on these B2B trends. The best way to update yourself is to keep reading, experimenting and discovering.
All the best!