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The wave of using technology as a handy tool for improvising the B2B marketing industry has become a common practice. Every B2B owner seems to put up an effort for devising their B2B marketing strategies and sales.

Many B2B marketers have realized the role of technology in shifting the paradigm of traditional offline marketing to online marketing methods using technology-enabled tools and techniques.

Almost 68% of B2B owners transform their marketing techniques using digital technology where there is enhanced scope of better customer experience.
The cordial relationship between technology and B2B profit margins are forcing B2B owners to adopt this strategy and move towards revolutionizing the technological aspects of marketing.

Digging deeper into what are some of the trends:

1. Increase in Usage of Social Media
Using social media for promoting B2B products and services has become a to-go trend for B2B owners. The reason behind this lies in the fact that most of the B2B crowd uses social media frequently. Research shows that around 90% of the general folk browse LinkedIn and Facebook to look for better products and services. Moreover, using social media is not only technologically sound but also a cost-saving measure.

2. Increase in Usage of Artificial Intelligence
An increase in the use of artificial intelligence technology has helped decrease the myopic approach of B2B marketers and enhance the broader aspects of gaining profits. AI usage has helped in channelizing the idea of technology leadership in a more defined and structured way.

3. Increase in Usage of Big Data Analytics
Big data analytics has decreased the dependency on human efforts and helped to channelize space for machine language. Moreover, there are many areas of B2B marketing where machine language has a direct role to play. Even though researchers are still conducting surveys, there are lots of areas yet to be explored.

4. Increase in Usage of Automation
Using technology to automate the B2B sales and marketing process has also become a trend that B2B owners have adopted. It saves much time and human effort. However, it could be an expensive method for rising B2B owners, but you still completely cannot ignore this option, especially when a company is aiming to stand on solid ground in front of its competitors.

5. Increase in Usage of Cloud Base Storage
Cloud-based storage has helped many B2B owners strategize their databases and create a centralized system for it. Once there is a centralized system for access, it becomes easier to nurture B2B leads. Also, giant companies find this cloud-based storage more successful than standard data storage methods like manual records and other paperwork.

6. Increase in Design Better Landing Pages
Landing pages are the main attraction for B2B clients. With the enhancement of technology, B2B owners are gaining deeper insights on how they need to use technology to lure their B2B clients into using their services and products. Researchers found that almost 80% of users browse the internet for B2B websites that meet their needs. Once you have an excellent web page representing your B2B services and products, it becomes easier to gain prospects.

As the demand for virtual experience and personalization continues to climb up the ladder, following these general B2B trends has become a common factor. However, many budding companies are still struggling to find new ways of acquiring genuine prospects who can get converted to clients later.

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