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Just imagine:

And the award goes to your company for earning the highest ROI for the year! Claps and crowd cheering!!!

How would you like it if, rather than reading this post, this would become your reality?

I guess, if this happens – you will be on cloud 9! Stepping back to reality, this can become the truth of your B2B hustle if you have the right approach and take the right action. Wondering how?  Continue scrolling below:

1. Marry your customers!

Yes, you read that right!

By the above statement, I do not mean running behind your customers literally with rings and bells in your hands – what I mean is customer retention.

B2B owners run behind acquiring new customers, but what is the use if you gain a new customer while your old customers are strolling away. In the end, your customer data stays the same.

Instead of hunting for new prey, try feasting on what you have!

What I mean is – make your customers stay for more extended periods, make them feel special by texting them or offering them membership opportunities, coupons and vouchers. It will create brand respect in the minds of your customers. You need to establish an emotional relationship with customers so that you can gain better trust. Sending them emails related to your brand or updating them about the new B2B services or monthly gifts would lure them to be in a loyal relationship with your brand.

2. Be the Audrey Hepburn of the B2B industry

Check on the new trends and keep updating your B2B marketing strategies. Nobody likes to follow the traditional B2B marketing rules. So make sure before you approach your clients, do your homework, update your knowledge, thought leadership programs, publish it and let the crowd absorb it.

Once they understand your B2B style of marketing, 50% of work is done by saving time and effort. You will only have to move forward with providing your services and products.

3. Think twice, invest right!

Do not make impulsive decisions while investing your money. In this B2B industry, getting your dollars back is not an easy game. One of the best places to invest your dollars is at top-of-the-funnel advertising. Most marketers prefer investing at the bottom of the funnel by considering their long term goals, and for many of them, it works as well. The only drawback here is the matter of time.

When you invest in creative advertising related to your brand, you are certainly ahead of your B2B competitors. The main intention behind investing your valuable dollars is to create brand awareness. You have to force your brand into people’s subconscious minds and create an optimistic image about the same.

4. Skim through your lead database

77.9% of marketers fail to reach out to their potential clients!

Have you ever thought about why?

The reason behind this is – most marketers do not find genuine leads. They end up wasting their time by explaining their best to people who aren’t even looking for B2B services or products


Complete failures or partial conversions
My advice is to try avoiding these methods. It’s not just about the time – it’s about the money you are losing every minute.

Whether you are a beginner or a big daddy of the B2B marketing world, you have to create a genuine lead base. The best way to do this is to reach out to elite B2B lead database providers like Fountmedia. When you have the right leads, you will have guaranteed conversions.

5. Look out for open end relationships

In the B2B industry, you have to have contacts but the right ones!

If you ever come across any marketer or industry who can help in moving forward in this business. Don’t just shake hands; embrace them! Exchange your resources and create an agreement with them, such as both of you have a win-win situation. Understand the difference between being transparent and shoving down their throats. If you do this, it will be great trouble for both of you.

First, you will lose respect related to your brand, and second, they will lose interest. In both situations, you will be a loser!

So don’t make yourself look like a loser, be a winner by building a solid ground of B2B relationship with individuals or firms through the proper means.


Everyone wishes to be popular in the B2B marketing industry. What is essential is to understand which strategy is the right choice for your business. Just because all other companies follow the same routine does not mean you will be doing the same. Don’t be the sheep, be the fox in the B2B trade.

Think, observe, plan, align, invest and wait for it! It will surely pay back in due course of time.