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Modern technology is changing everything around us. Nothing is the same post covid!
There are new types of equipment, new technology, and new strategies that are evolving every single day. For an ordinary man, it means evolution. But have you ever thought this could be a more significant change for b2b marketers and the industry?

Wondering how?

Read below to know more about the ways:

1. Modern methods are taking over traditional courses.

Earlier, traditional b2b marketing was generalized as cold callings and endless callbacks. B2B marketers were once considered pushy individuals who wouldn’t accept no for an answer; instead, they would persuade clients by talking nonstop about their products and services. Even if clients do not respond or prefer to opt out of calls, the marketers would still run behind them in the hope of getting them converted to clients. In today’s b2b industry, it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality. Modern b2b marketers aim to get in touch with prospects where there is an assurance of conversion as clients in the future. If contemporary marketers feel there is no scope for transformation, they will not chase the prospects unnecessarily.

2. New ways to grab leads

Modern technology has taught the marketing industry good ways to deal with any business losses. Apart from that, there are many ways of finding and chasing new leads as well. However, this could vary from industry to industry. Here are some of the common ways that you may find beneficial:

    • a. Email chasers
    • Earlier, there were no options to keep track of email Ids. These days many paid tools can allow you to find information about your potential b2b client. All you need to do is select the right software.
    • b. Contact scrapers
    • Don’t worry if you have created a post or advertised online to find better prospects, but you cannot find one. You can use a contact scraper for this. Scrapers are contact-grabbing tools from public platforms and social media. With these tools, it becomes pretty easy to gain prospects and lead details. Sales automation technology is a good example.
    • c. Linkedin sales technology
    • When you need to search for detailed information and data, this LinkedIn tool can help you narrow down searches and find the required audience persona. This tool enables you to build an ideal customer profile. Once you have the perfect customer profile, building profits becomes easier.

3. Automated sales tracking and processes

Earlier, the b2b marketers focused on every lead and sent them customized messages to gain their attention. The problem with this technique is b2b marketers spend too much time tracking a single client, which doesn’t help. The reason behind this waste of time and energy in such a situation where everything is uncertain. On the opposite hand, these modern technology advances – sales tools have helped b2b marketers leap ahead of the traditional salesmen.

These days using automatic sales hunting and tracking technology, b2b marketers can track the leads in a single period. They can even schedule emails based on the customer’s preferences individually. Ideally, this process saves a lot of time and effort. Even though this process could be expensive for beginners, in the end, paying for it would be worth it.


Hunting leads has become a task these days. However, with the advent of new and intelligent technology, b2b marketers have sales tools to utilize, unlike in traditional days. The best way to build a database for making b2b marketing easier is to reach out to FountMedia – A genuine list provider. They have specialized lead strategists who can provide you with a specialized b2b database based on your business requirement.