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Are you insecure about your B2B Lead Generation Strategies?


Do you feel like you are running your business back in the 90s where there was no market response?

Do these statements sound familiar, but still, you are confused about whether you need to change your B2B lead generation strategies or not? Well, don’t worry!

I can help you with that by providing you with the signs which reflect the fact that – you need to change if you have to make some money. Yep, that’s right; scroll below to read more:

Sign 1 – your website is a spider’s web

Imagine looking for a new house, and a broker shows you a great house, but when you enter it!

All you can see in there is cobwebs and spiders crawling Would you like it?

A big no will be the answer.

The same logic follows up with the website. Once you have a brand image, people will check on your website. If they find your website slow or boring, they will switch to your competitor’s site.

You need to update your website regularly, fix the errors, and balance your whitespace. Research shows that around 68% of the crowd are looking for fascinating designs while 79% prefer mobile-friendly websites.

Here is the catch – to gain more clients, you need to work on these factors and upgrade your website quickly

Sign 2 – you are losing a lot of money

Business owners invest amounts to keep up with their online brand presence. In return, they get a high revenue and direct sales. So it works both ways – you invest, and you gain.
But what if your company is working one way?
Are you going to get back what you have given?
No, you won’t unless and until you choose to keep up with the B2B marketing trends. You need to check on your sales and marketing strategy periodically. The B2B industry is dynamic, and you cannot expect to apply the marketing strategies of the 1920s’ to do the job.
Pro tip: Consider going digital with your business! Helps a lot indeed

Sign 3 – your content runs down the well

To have a brand presence, you need to upload fresh content. Additionally, you need to ensure that this updated content is broadcasted across your followers or existing client database. Remember, word of mouth is the strongest and biggest weapon of the B2B industrial game. Once you have referrals for your business, you can take off immediately and land upon the airport of high ROI.

Sign 4 – lead capture is a big zero for you!

Ultimately, the goal of every B2B business is to have a great lead database. Whether it’s web optimization or offline marketing methods, B2B owners aim at a single target.
What if you invest a lot but still do not have many leads?


What if you do not have much time to gain leads because your business investors are galloping behind you to have their money back?
What are you supposed to do?

Well, in that case, to save time, you have to search for a reputed B2B database provider who can provide you with a database of accurate B2B leads.
I can recommend you Fountmedia in this case, because honestly, it saved my friend’s drowning company. About a year ago, his company was in murky waters due to the pandemic. All of us thought that his company would have a big lock dangling across his office entrance. But everything changed in Jiffy’s time when he came across Fountmedia. The company is a professional B2B database provider, and the customer managers are extremely swift in responding quickly.
If this worked out for his business which was literally a dying duck in the rain, why wouldn’t it work out for you?
Do not let your leads run away, capture them as soon as possible with Fountmedia.

Sign 5 – collaboration becomes a foreign term

Everything needs to be aligned in a business. You cannot expect to profit if your departments work away from each other or isolate their strategies. Suppose your sales and marketing strategies are aiming at its performance rather than capturing the audience. Then, my dear, you are playing on the wrong side, and you have to change it.
Align your teams and discuss your common B2B lead capturing business goals. Motivate your teams to build an online presence and share your content updates across social media.

In the End

If you notice any of these signs in your business, then it’s time to shift gears and sail in the right direction in the sea of business. It might take a bit of time, but I am pretty sure your efforts shall pay you twice as much as your hard work.