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Have you heard about marketing technology?

Well, if you haven’t, then it’s high time you brush your facts:

What do you mean by the term mentioned above?

Marketing technology is a collective term used to denote all the methods used to improvise the current marketing system in an organization. Some of the examples include digital marketing or optimizing offline marketing methodologies.

If you are planning to improvise your existing marketing technology, then these are few questions you need to ask yourself before you take any major decision.

  • 1. Are you financially doing well?
  • Before making any major technology change decision, you need to work on your budget portion. I mean, you cannot simply allocate a considerable amount of money for improving your marketing technology when your company is in dire straits and you do not have any chances of earning revenue in the future. 

    Remember, investments are easy to make but very difficult to recover, especially in this covid-19 scenario where there is no scope of doing business and earning a heavy amount of profit in a short period until and unless you are into healthcare. 

  • 2. Do you need to improvise your marketing technology or makeover completely?
  • There is a difference between improvising marketing technology and changing the system from top to toe completely. 

    When you talk about improvising the marketing technology, it refers to bringing in a few changes to the existing system for better revenue and operations. In contrast, if you do a complete makeover for your marketing technology – it would mean making a significant shift and implementing an improvised marketing system that would change everything in your b2b company. 

  • 3. Will it safeguard your company from present or future threats or both?
  • Before implementing a new marketing technology, you need to check which of the following reasons are aligned with the change of marketing methodologies. Some assets may protect your company in the present, while some assets could protect your business from future threats. Based on your company goals, you can move forward with your strategic decision. 

  • 4. Would your employees be comfortable using it?
  • It is essential to check with your b2b core team whether they are comfortable in using a new marketing technology or not. When it comes to the representation of your b2b services and products, the b2b marketers or salespeople should be able to sell them onsite and talk about the high-end technology of your company as well. If your employees are comfortable, it’s good. If they are not, you can look for other technology options as well.

  • 5. Would you gain more b2b clients or not? 
  • The main reason to change the marketing technology is to make more profits by earning vast amounts of clients. Once you draw insights into how the technology can help you attract clients and achieve better revenue in the b2b industry, you can move forth with the investment. On the other hand, when you find that a shift in your existing marketing technology would not do much good. Then it is undoubtedly better to drop the idea and select a better option.


    When it comes to b2b marketing, it is a significant term that encompasses many marketing-related tasks that have to be accomplished. The most crucial step before investing in any project is to have an excellent b2b client database. If you do not have one and are still planning to add advanced tools to your marketing system, it might take your profits down the ladder.

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