15 Best ways to boost your B2b sales in a short span | FountMedia

15 best ways to boost your B2B sales in a short span

If you are looking to be the big daddy of the B2B sales industry, here is what you need to know. Research says that almost 70% of owners are trying to find ways to raise their hustle revenues. Around 10% of them hit the bull’s eye while the remaining 90%
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12 B2b social media strategies to win your clients easily | FountMedia

12 b2b social media strategies to win you clients easily

Are you an Instagrammer? Or Do you love sharing reels or creating videos? Well if you do, then you will be happy to know that this skill of yours can help your business boom up the heights. Still, thinking about how to do it? Here are few handpicked tactics that
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5 Ways to protect your B2b client database from opponents | FountMedia

10 Reasons why you need to build a great B2B Database

Are you in search of expanding your database overseas? Wondering why it's high time for you to opt for a B2B database. Read below to know the reasons why you need one: 1. Perfectly accurate results Imagine you are calling a client and they disconnected the call! How do you
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How to build a B2b email list that boosts you revenue | FountMedia

How to build a B2B Email List that boosts your revenue

Let's look at the best strategies for increasing a B2B list that will increase your subscribers and revenue now that you know why you shouldn't buy a list. Why You Need a B2B Email Marketing Strategy? Lead generation should be the first step in your B2B email marketing strategy. That
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8 Tips to boost sales with email marketing

It's no secret that email marketing has a lot of advantages for your business. Entrepreneurs and company owners are now admitting that sending email promotions is an important part of their sales arsenal, with the ability to more than double revenue in a short period of time. Learn how to
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Ten magical ways that can raise your B2b company profit margins | FountMedia

How to Build an Email List for your B2B Company?

Business-to-business email marketing is a form of email marketing strategy in which you send emails neither to companies nor to individual customers. Email marketing not only helps you establish relationships with your clients, but it also provides a tried-and-true method for nurturing leads and converting them into long-term customers. An
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B2b Mailing Lists Users and Advantages | FountMedia

B2B Mailing Lists Uses and Advantages

What are the B2B Email Lists? B2B Mailing List is a database of email addresses and other business-related information from companies all over the world. You will increase your ROI by using B2B Email Lists for all of your email marketing campaigns as well as other marketing initiatives. As marketers,
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