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The content marketing results are shocking!

Around 93% of B2B firms prefer content marketing techniques, out of which hardly 42% are effective. 

Whereas the rest percentage of content goes into the dump, yielding zero results. The reason behind this is that most b2b tech leaders don’t prefer doing in-depth research before implementing B2B tech marketing techniques.

Is there any solution to this?

Well, yes, of course – the best way to sort out these problems is to set up the certain business and technology-related priorities, mark them sequentially and then take action.

Here is a handful of B2B technology marketing that you may find interesting:

  • Build a killer brand 

A strong brand can lure the target audiences within a very short period. You do not have to spend dollars on publicizing it. The stronger the brand is, the better the social rapport you can build. Therefore, please do in-depth research about how you can strengthen your brand in front of audiences. Additionally, a strong brand can help you stand above your competitors. 

  • Track your audiences

Building real personas is a priority for B2B technology marketing!

Before selling any B2B services or products, you need to notice the purchasing style of your potential clients. Once you know their purchasing style, presenting your services and B2B products will become easier. Apart from this, you could keep track of your potential client’s pain points. Once you do so – you will gain more experience in knowing about their choices.

  • Craft unique content that plays a dual role 

You have to focus on forming your content in a way that maintains a balance between incoming customers and ROI. You may use some tools like social media content or website articles and blogs to draw insights about how you need to write the content.

  • Choose visual over descriptive. 

In todays’ generation, millennials prefer choosing visual and graphical data rather than going through long-form or descriptive content. Additionally, some research shows that visual content has 40x the chances of getting shared on social media. Apart from that, you try using infographics that talk about your company and services. 

  • Have you heard about mobile-friendly apps?

Everyone these days prefers browsing and shopping over their smartphones. If you want clients to notice your B2B brand, you need to build a customized mobile-friendly app. B2B owners who have set this task as their B2B technology service priority have better results than ever.

  • Better user experience – better attention

Try installing chatbots or virtual assistants across the landing pages of your website. Clients are attracted to websites that offer virtual support.

  • Look out for collaboration.

Collaboration can always do the magic when it comes to attracting your clients through word of mouth. 

  • Reformulate your marketing strategies regularly.

If you expect the same marketing strategy to work out every time, you are wrong, my friend. It wouldn’t. You need to change your marketing technology based on your plan consistently.

  • Try using data tools.

Data tools can help you in the collection of B2B leads. Once you have good leads, you can focus on building your B2B technology marketing.

Wrapping up:

These are some of the B2B marketing technology priorities that every B2B marketer should sort out before moving forth to the next stage of improving their businesses. Many companies face problems in forming a base for their leads. For such B2B owners, I would recommend you FountMedia – who is a genuine list provider. They have various B2B Databases that can be the solution for your business problems.