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Email Marketing has always been one of the most effective ways to reach and communicate with prospects and existing customers in the Business-to-Business (B2B) world. Given the fact that more than 85% of people prefer to use email for business purposes, Email tends to become a huge platform to market your products and services to the users of the platform.

Almost all email users check their email inboxes everyday, with some checking 20 plus times a day. If everything’s done strategically well, it is the most convenient and cost effective method of digital marketing which can enhance the ROI of the B2B business. Because of its advantages there is a huge rise in the Email Marketing software business with a variety of features. To decide which software, offered by the Email Marketing software business is best for email marketing, B2B marketers can analyze and compare the features needed to keep up with evolving digital space.

Automation Services have granted us the opportunity to reach audiences across the globe, and those who do not embrace these services will quickly fall behind in competition. Following features are the benchmark for what to look for when choosing the right software or services for your email marketing needs.

Email Designer and Mobile Optimization

Email campaigns should be designed in such a form that readers are compelled to take action. Beautiful designed campaigns in the form of impactful content have the power to persuade the audience.This feature should be user friendly enough for anyone on your team to build and express the message. A gallery of templates that are easy to use and edit is an essential part of this feature.

Usually, users are opening emails on mobile devices, email designs and templates should be mobile friendly that look great on all devices. Failing to do so, will have a negative impact on reach and eventually hinder sales. Most email marketing platforms optimize messages for smaller screens.

Contact Segmentation Management Tool

The critical B2B email marketing feature is contact segmentation. This tool should let you sort, filter and segment contact to align with your campaign audience. This feature should automatically update contact according to the criteria. Look for software where premade segments like purchase behavior and engagement levels are already available.

This feature ensures the right message is received by the right audience. This way companies will reach their audience in a timely manner. For example: If you want to reach  nutritionists, you can use the premade nutritionist email list on FountMedia .Email list management is important to optimize companies growth.

Analyzing And Reporting Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most measurable marketing methods. Keeping an eye on metrics will make a difference. Opt for the software which gives your premium service in tracking your results. Software tracking ability to see which factors are the most effective way in reaching your prospects. This will let you plan your campaigns.

This enables ease in identifying and reporting where your messages are opened geographically as and when the link is clicked, giving you the most convenient campaign report. Real time report data is preferable and a feature which cannot be uncompromised.

Marketing Automation

Automation tools should have the ability to automatically target contacts based on criteria of the campaign. This feature is about tracking and engaging targeted visitors who triggered key website events. Automatically re-targeting contacts  based on previous campaigns is the star of this feature.

By encouraging future email and content engagement, lead nurturing can increase the conversion rate. Advanced software services if and when scenarios against which email are sent to the right people.

Better Deliverability Rate

Before subscribing to email marketing software,sending in bulk features should be up to the mark.This ensures that your emails appear in the inbox and not the spam folder. 90% plus email deliverability rate is a good rate to start with.

Effectively communicating prospects and customers can only be possible with good deliverability rate.

List Verification And Management

The process of removing invalid contacts from your list that have expired or don’t exist is known as list verification. If not done properly, this can hinder your deliverability rate. A robust cleaning service from your email marketing software is a must. Few of the software has an inbuilt list hygiene tool.

List Management refers to automatically importing data from CRM without manual work and letting you store and manage the list of subscribers.Regularly carrying out checks to validate the list.


Custom integrations with your website or mobile app is important to make your brand more accessible. This is the secret to create personalized and integrated experience for customers.

It helps you sync data from other business applications like wordpress and shopify to create a seamless experience. CRM integration ensures you are not missing vital information about leads.


Current features of email marketing software services show that the B2B industry continues to shift towards aggressive digital strategy and automation. This features make campaigns more streamlined and convenient.