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As many of the readers are aware, the main role of marketing technology is to attract clients to earn better revenue. Most of the budding B2B marketers choose to invest in changing their existing marketing technology and upgrading it without even thinking and doing deep research. 

You need to know about some factors when it comes to implementing new marketing technology. The reason behind learning about these factors is to decrease the work pressure and save time.

  • Email marketing does the magic.
  • If you wish to stay in touch with your B2B clients and leads, you need a good email marketing system that sends out regular emails. You have to do in-detail research and use the right marketing technology to effortlessly help you with email marketing.

  • Say hi to lead management.
  • Lead management can be your biggest asset while forming a B2B client base, but the only problem B2B marketers face is that they do not have the marketing technology to nurture their leads. So whenever you think of improving your marketing technology, make sure it helps you reach out to leads.  

  • Ever thought about CRM integration
  • CRM integration is one of the best tools when it comes to gaining B2B leads. There are a lot of B2B companies that claim their marketing technology integrates seamlessly with their CRM. CRM integration allows you to have complete flexibility on availing reports whenever you need them.

  • How about social media marketing 
  • Social media marketing has become an unbeatable tool for winning B2B clients. Before coming up with new marketing technology, you need to check whether it corresponds to a social media marketing or not. If it does, you can easily move forward with the idea. If it does not, you will have to drop it and look for an alternate option.

  • Campaign management tools – your best friend 
  • Have you heard about ad campaigns, or have you ever marked those ads that get displayed on SERP while browsing? Many B2B owners organize campaigns for marketing and sales. Regardless of what happens, you must monitor the results of all the ad campaigns you have launched using certain campaign management tools. It’s not easy to obtain campaign results, but things become easier if you have the right campaign management tools and use the right marketing technology for your B2B products and services.

  • Pay attention to landing pages.
  • Landing pages are the main attraction for B2B clients. With the help of marketing technology, you can gain better leads and profits from your landing pages. You need to pay special attention to the landing pages before you think about modifying your marketing technology.

  • Spend time in forecast reports  
  • Forecasting is everything. In every B2B business, forecasting matters a lot. Generally, B2B owners use forecasting to make a strategic decision about changing the marketing technology. You can understand how important and valuable the new marketing technology could be, which you plan to implement through forecasting.


    Whenever you plan and move forward with an advanced idea, you need to look at the budget and resources, especially when implementing new marketing technology. So make sure you invest wisely. One of the best ways to make sure that your investment in marketing technology goes well is by building a strong B2B client database. If you do not have sufficient resources to create a great B2B client database, you can always try to reach out to genuine B2B leads providers such as FountMedia, who can cater to your business needs. FountMedia has a record of providing a 95% accurate B2B Leads Database to its clients.