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Do you know how many businesses shut down just because they don’t have the proper funds. Well, if you are thinking of counting over all the companies and making a list of how many companies shut down, then you are probably dreaming! It is practically impossible to keep an exact count of people and organizations tending to shut down; as per research conducted by HubSpot, around 28 to 30% of companies close their gates due to limited resources and lack of budget. You don’t want to be on that list? Do you? To avoid any complications and unpleasant situations in the future, here are some of the best techniques you can use to rank higher among your competitors, even in the worst scenarios and with a limited budget.

1. How about guerilla marketing?

We all know that marketing could be an expensive affair, it’s not easy to manage and comprehend. Most of the b2b marketers end up using their resources on traditional marketing methods, resulting in losing all their clients. When you apply guerilla marketing methods, it can help you cut down costs and find better alternate options for cost-effective sales.

2. Say yes to content marketing and SEO

Content and SEO have seriously changed the business scenario. If we talk about the early days of marketing, most of the methods and sales were offline. Since the pandemic has shaken everyone, digital marketing has taken over the current picture. People prefer to do their shopping online. It’s not difficult for you to understand the value of content marketing and SEO-optimized websites. You can draw a lot of leads and sales if you are the owner of a b2b brand and trying to invest in your marketing.

3. Try free giveaways and goodies

Everyone loves free things and especially when they are resourceful! So the best way to entice your b2b audiences into reading your content and choosing your website over others is by giving something free of cost, which can prove beneficial at the same time. You could either send them a free sample of your product or provide a service free of cost. B2b clients prefer free takeaways and are more inclined to choose companies that provide resources than those who use marketing techniques.

4. Monitor your social media platforms

Almost 80% of the b2b crowd browses over social media platforms; they often check for products and services online. If there are any particular services or products you need to sell, choosing social media could be the best decision ever. Keep track of all the social media platforms to organize your business in a better way.

5. Send out emails to your ideal clients

Personalized emails can do the magic incredibly. It’s difficult for you to reach out to clients in person. Every client likes to feel special and is keen to know whether you value them or not. Imagine the scenario when you send out a friendly email with lots of goodies and free giveaways. There are high chances that they would prefer your b2b brand.

End story:

Handling your clients and growing your business is not that difficult; however, you need to pay the right amount of attention and use proper techniques for them to pay attention to your brand. Use these magical techniques and start noticing the difference. You can find the right contacts using FountMedia; starting your marketing journey could become more accessible when you have the right contacts.