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Can I help you generate leads for your B2B business? Have you heard anyone say these lines?

95% of people say no because having the right B2B leads isn’t that easy, right! Don’t get tense, though! I have a few fantastic techniques that can help you create a lead database in no time.

Read through this blog to know more:

1. Look for the right leads

Imagine your company is selling wood as a raw material; finding clients who prefer wooden sofa sets and dining sets wouldn’t do the job right. You need to look out for clients who purchase raw material like wood, process it, and sculpt it as a sofa or dining set.

You need to pay attention here: you have to search for the correct leads that suit your client’s requirements.

The best way you can do this is by talking about your client requirements to a leading B2B database provider like FountMedia. Trust me; this company is the best one I came across; it has a golden history of helping B2B businesses by providing them 95% accurate lead database. You need to check with this company for more details. Believe me; you wouldn’t have to wait much time.

2. Find the perfect way to reach your leads

Instead of cold calling and reaching out to the same customers repeatedly, please try venturing out for new leads and prospects. By doing so, you can create a more relevant B2B lead database.

3. Make your leads greedy

When your leads answer your call, offer them promotions and vouchers. It will create a brand image in their minds, and they will be inclined towards your services and products.

4. Check on your website

You need to modify your website outrageously, or else there are high chances of leads losing interest in your services and products. This action can negatively impact your business.

5. Look for content and keywords

Content is the bread, and the keyword is the butter! You heard it right – both of these go hand in hand. To get more quality leads, you need to make use of long-tailed keywords. When you optimize your content and add keywords to it, there are huge chances that your website will get a good rank in the search engines, which means there are high chances of viewers landing on your page.

6. Look for SMS blasts

There are endless platforms for reaching out to clients! However, one of the best ways you can do this is to send text messages to your prospects. If you are lucky enough, the options might revert immediately, which means you have a blue tick on your lead list.

7. Pay attention to your landing page

Your landing page is the icing of the cake! It gives the very first impression to your prospects when they open your website. Make sure you optimize it and check on its loading time. Do not use too many pop-ups or cookie options because this might irritate your clients.

8. How about some lead bots?

Almost 30% of browsers get converted to leads when you use a lead bot. Having a lead bot can solve the solution, save time, and help gain information when viewers have queries.

9. Don’t waste your time

Do not waste your energy and sources to send out promotional emails or call people who have refused to respond rather than focus on filtering your lead data. One of the best things you can do is start segmenting your leads, giving them scores based on their response, and strictly filtering the ones where you feel there is no scope.

10. Look to decrease friction

90% of users reject websites that are under-optimized or have a lower loading time. Hence, rectifying your website and checking on its errors is a prime responsibility. The more the users have a frictionless experience, the more chances you have to gain clients.

11. Say yes to social media

Use social media analytics and platforms in your existing marketing campaigns and sales strategy. You’ll be able to get more leads by doing so. When you use social media methods, your content is guaranteed to reach out to a broader audience.

12. Talk about trust

While publishing your content or organizing webinars – make sure you provide evidence of your social existence or proof. Audiences claim to be more inclined towards the company that provides them with social guarantees than those who do not. Getting B2B leads for your business is not a linear process. The biggest challenge faced by companies is the stubborn customers who do not do their homework. So make sure you target the right audiences before initiating your lead search process for B2B trade.