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Are you an Instagrammer?


Do you love sharing reels or creating videos?

Well if you do, then you will be happy to know that this skill of yours can help your business boom up the heights. Still, thinking about how to do it?

Here are few handpicked tactics that do the miracle for any B2B industry:

1. Be sure of what you want

You need to set up goals for your B2B business and choose an adequate social media KPI Parameter for the same so that you can measure it from time. Social media parameters help in monitoring the business routinely and can help you know about the engagement, client outreach, and bounce rates.

2. Your content – the brick of your B2B business

The content world is dynamic!

You have to make sure to keep your content original and eye-catching at the same time.

Great content will help attract people and engage its readers thus increasing the scope of gaining potential clients.

3. Check on other platforms

Make sure you utilize multiple platforms to share the content of your B2B business. These days there are an endless number of pathways for increasing the no. of readers to read about the industry. All you need to do is discover these pathways.

4. The cherry on top of the cake – Employee Branding

When you publish the names and images of your employees or offer them credit for their performance on social media, it creates a positive impact on the viewers. This tactic works well for personalizing your brand and does the job of brand hammering through social media. Additionally, your employees feel satisfied and you can gain their loyalty.

5. Create your tagline

Keep your headlines and taglines unique – these lines help to pitch your brand voice in the B2B industry quite easily. You can take the instance of McDonalds and KFC – both of these giant companies have their brand voice in the form of taglines that make the foodies go nuts!

6. Run your posts as per the schedule

You cannot post 24×7 online!

Nobody will pay attention to any of the posts. Trust me!

Rather, you need to focus on posting at the times when most of the crowd are active. 90% of readers go through their social media at nights in comparison to mornings.

7. Spice up your content with emotions

No matter whatever reading or writing materials you publish to represent your B2B industry. You need to add emoticons in it. Try experimenting with this tactic by adding emojis or hashtags.

Worked well for me! Might work for you too!

8. Keep your social media posts conversational

Nobody likes to read long-form content or generic texts!

Ensure that your social media posts do not propagate much about the services or products. You can spend time publishing conversational blogs or posts or choose to create a public poll rather than writing an endless description about your services and their types.

9. Stability is the key to success

You cannot expect clients to take a note of your B2B business if you post once in a blue moon. You need to maintain a certain consistency depending on the schedule allotted. For instance- you can keep posting every week for a fortnight.

10. Raise your hands for support

Offering your customers the right support is very important!

Let’s say you posted a service description related to your B2B business and readers have few doubts. They start putting up their questions on the social media platform. There has to be someone of your hustle who answers their queries. If these questions go unanswered, it means you are losing your potential clients. On the other hand, if you answer their queries, it will create a positive impact on the readers and they will gain interest.

11. Be an eagle for your competitors

Social media strategy and platform allow you to study your competitor’s marketing and sales strategy. You can easily predict the company’s brand image by keeping a check on its viewers. This target audience check might open up doors for you to approach some of their clients when you see an unresolved query.

12. Look to gain trust

Ensure your company promotes materials over social media that depict happiness and has a positive outlook. 80% of people respond to a more positive content rather than responding to a neutral or negative one. So be picky with your content.

Understanding social media analytics can certainly help you gain a great client base and at the same time create a social image of your brand. An important step is to keep monitoring and reviewing your social media strategies. Social media reviewing can help you study the trends and impressions of your marketing campaigns.