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Do you keep a check on your followers?


Are you a person who is good with numbers?


Have you ever analyzed the marketing strategies of your competitors?

Well, if you have not done this yet, it’s high time for you to pull up your socks and understand the need for social media analytics in your B2B business.

1. Knowing your target audiences

Audiences can think a lot subconsciously while viewing your products, services or browsing your website!

Social media analytics can help you gain insights about the audiences that are viewing your brand and offer you the opportunity of improving your brand image.

2. You can easily formulate strategies

Social media analytics can create a foundation for your marketing campaigns by assisting you in creating a good sales strategy. The numbers that reflect your brand image can give you a soft spot for an effective marketing strategy.

3. Social media strategy network analysis becomes easier

Not everybody likes to drink coffee right!

The very same formula is applicable for social media platforms. These platforms work differently even for a single company. Let us say – for your B2B business, facebook performs better in terms of user views in comparison to Instagram, then you need to distribute your “optimizing time” accordingly.

4. Best way to craft content

With the help of social media analytics, it is easy for you to monitor the performance of every article reflecting your B2B business. Hence, the numbers provide you a better analysis of whether your content is doing the job or not. Creating impactful content could be easier!

5. Note of the competitor’s strategy

Every B2B industry uses certain social media strategies to win over its customers. With the help of social media analytics, it becomes quite easy to note the target audiences and understand the type of strategy the competitors are implementing.

6. Monitoring the performance of campaigns

When your B2B business organizes marketing campaigns, it aims at acquiring more leads. When you integrate social media analytics with your existing marketing campaigns, it becomes a piece of cake to monitor the campaign performance and navigate which category of users are in the process of becoming a part of your campaign.

7. Tracking customer experience analysis

Customer experience analysis can play a major role especially in letting you know whether your campaigns are effective or not!

Collecting and analyzing customer details becomes easier. You can easily calculate the frequency of visits for the number of viewers browsing across your website. You can improve your brand health and take the necessary steps to work on it in case there are errors.

8. Acquiring new leads

Generating leads and converting them is a big task!

When you follow up with your leads using generic methodologies, it could be hectic!

When you apply social media analytics, it becomes easier – to follow the leads, identify and convert them. One of the best ways you can choose is – to reach out to some of the reputed B2B database suppliers like Fountmedia. When you have a quality lead database, it becomes easier for you to monitor the conversion of leads using social media analytics.

9. Rectifying crisis management

Crisis management!

Yes, you heard it right!

A good social media analytics report can easily help you identify the crisis area and take necessary measures to improve or prevent them. You can forecast if your brand or website can have threats in the future. The only thing you need to memorize is the regular intervals during which you have to monitor the SMA parameters.

10. Earning leads in a short span

It’s an obvious fact!

When you have the appropriate means to know how your business is functioning on the social platform, you have a good opportunity of building a lead database and acquiring clients for your B2B business. Another pro-tip is to get in touch with a dignified B2B database supplier such as Fountmedia. When you have quality B2B leads at your fingertips, you can be one step ahead of your competitors and increase the conversion rate.

If you have the correct social media parameters, making a profit becomes easier!

In today’s world, where everybody is operating for profit and growth, implementing social media analytics in your existing business model can be highly beneficial. You can easily map out the areas of improvement and understand how your B2B business is performing in terms of gaining leads.

Social media analytics is a hot topic amongst the B2B industry. Due to the changing trends, integrating this technique into your day-to-day strategy is invincible.


The B2B industrial trends keep on changing on a timely basis. Even the social media analysis parameters are evolving with time. Research shows that approx. 10% of SMA’s parameters are taking birth every single day. Whether it’s nurturing customers or spreading word-of-mouth about your B2B trade, you have to monitor certain parameters and use certain analytics to top the list.